Celebrating the Season during a Global Pandemic: A Q&A with some of our Spring Tree Team

What types of self-care activities would you recommend to clients during this holiday season in light of the continuation of the pandemic?

“I have found that for me and also for my clients, ideas or past habits of self-care abound, but the road blocks to self care right now can look like low energy, a mental load that’s past capacity, and for those with family or roommates the catch-22 of being lonely but never alone. On top of all of this, the ever evolving restrictions…

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Bethany Elston, MA, LCSW  




What are some common problems or stressors you have noticed in your work with clients over the holidays in the past and what solutions would you suggest this year due to our unique circumstances?

There are many reasons the holidays can be emotionally difficult, especially in this time of COVID.  Holidays are a time of heightened expectations fed by unrealistic media images of happy family gatherings and perfect holiday parties.  As a result, we often go into the holiday season with an image of how things should be that falls short of how things actually are…”

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Martha Sahyouni, MA, LCPC




I need to make a decision about seeing my family over the holidays, but there’s a lot to consider with the continuation of the pandemic, traveling out-of-state, seeing elderly family members, my own needs for family connection, etc. Do you have any suggestions for how to move forward in my decision-making this year?

“First, I must say, you are not alone. Working through tough decisions begins with our ability to patiently remind ourselves of this truth. I am not alone. I am not alone globally and I am not alone interpersonally. When typed into Google, “Is it safe to go home for the holidays?” results in dozens of articles from virtually every major news outlet in the country. This is not a question that is easily answered…”

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Carly Nevarez, MA, LMFT   




What are some ideas for how I can handle my holiday stress differently this year, especially with some of the restrictions and guidelines in place due to the continued risk of the pandemic?

“The holiday season can be both exciting and overwhelming, and with the added layer of pandemic, it’s important to prepare for coping with holiday stress. Here are a few suggestions for making the most of this season: Acknowledge feelings and losses. This year the holidays will likely feel different in comparison to other years…”

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 John Choi, MA, LPC   





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