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What are some ideas for how I can handle my holiday stress differently this year, especially with some of the restrictions and guidelines in place due to the continued risk of the pandemic?

The holiday season can be both exciting and overwhelming, and with the added layer of pandemic, it’s important to prepare for coping with holiday stress. Here are a few suggestions for making the most of this season:

Acknowledge feelings and losses. This year the holidays will likely feel different in comparison to other years. Perhaps some family members are upset because of your need to adjust to the pandemic.  Be mindful how this change and loss of expectation affects you. Take time to care for yourself by setting time to process your feelings whether by having some quiet time to journal by yourself or talking with someone, or both!

Be kind to yourself. This may not be the year to be ambitious about your New Year’s Resolutions. Making small steps are often the best method for change. Perhaps a small goal this holiday season is to learn what helps your body and mind relax. 

Reach out and have fun! While the pandemic might be keeping us in our own pods, it’s still important to connect and technology can help with that. Whether it be trivia, word games, or Pictionary, get a group together through zoom and play games together on a platform like I’ve heard the game “Among Us” is all the rage right now. 

John Choi, MA, LPC 

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