Premarital Counseling

Working with couples to help them shape long-term quality in their relationship is a specialty at Spring Tree Counseling. We work with couples deciding whether to marry, those planning marriage, and those who are recently married who want to set up best practices for their relationship. Integrated into these sessions is the use of an online assessment tool that helps couples identify their relationship strengths and point out areas to review.

How does Premarital Counseling work?

Many people think about counseling as sitting one-on-one with your therapist. However, in premarital and relationship counseling, you and your partner will jointly attend sessions and discuss relationship issues together. Your therapist is trained to provide a safe, supportive space for mutually and respectfully sharing of relationship decisions, questions, and concerns. The focus of counseling sessions will be on your relationship, including ways you want to grow, prepare for change, or simply enrich how you relate to one another.

What types of issues can Premarital Counseling help with?

  •  Premarital Guidance
  •  Pre-engagement Support
  • Check-ups on Relationship Health
  • Decision-Making in Relationships
  • Family Planning
  • Enhancing Love, Connection, and Mutual Understanding
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Communication Problems
  • Multicultural Differences in Couples
  • Sexual Questions, Concerns, and Problems
  • Family History 
  • Unwanted Relationship Patterns
  • Other Relationship Questions

Is Premarital Counseling only for couples about to get married?

No, premarital counseling is for anyone who is considering being in a relationship, going through a relationship change, or simply looking for relationship education and enhancement. Whether you recently started dating, have been in a committed relationship for many years, are currently making a decision about whether or not to get engaged or married, or are simply looking for a solution-focused way of helping your relationship improve, this type of counseling is for you. Individuals who want to discuss their decision to marry or assess their readiness for marriage might also be interested in working with one of our counselors.

How much does it cost?

Premarital Counseling sessions have the same fee structure as our other counseling sessions. See Rates & Insurance. If you sign up for a 6-session Premarital Counseling package, you will be provided with the Couple Assessment for free (a $95 value).

Is Premarital Counseling covered by my insurance?

As a practice, Spring Tree Counseling is in-network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO insurance plans. Please see Rates & Insurance or Client’s Guide to Verifying Insurance for more information. In most cases, if either you or your partner has insurance coverage that is already in-network with our practice, your joint sessions together can be covered. It is always important to verify your insurance coverage and expected rates with your insurance company directly. Premarital Counseling is not routinely considered a mental health service. Please discuss use of health insurance with your therapist. 

What is the online assessment tool?

Spring Tree Counseling has therapists who are trained in the use of an online assessment tool called Prepare/Enrich. This is a strengths-oriented, relationship assessment that will help you better grow and support each other as you build a more meaningful, mutually satisfying life together. The survey covers 10 core and a varying number of customized relationship categories. After you meet for your first session, or sometimes prior to your first session, your therapist will provide a secure online link for you and your partner to complete the survey independently. Results are sent to your therapist who will collaboratively discuss them with you, helping you identify the areas that might work well in your relationship and the areas that you may want to improve. A workbook with various skills-based exercises will also be provided to each of you for your ongoing discussion.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in getting started with Premarital Counseling, please contact us. Once your message is received, you will be directed to several of Spring Tree’s counselors who specialize in couples and relationship work in order to set-up a first appointment and start your assessment. 

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