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Therapist Spotlight: John Chawarika, Graduate Clinical Intern

What inspired you to become a counselor? I was inspired by the passion to serve as a clinician after realizing that mental health is not a priority in many different spaces throughout the world. My social location claims that you cannot expose your “dirty laundry" publicly, and so people suffer by carrying heavy untold stories and experiences. Counseling is the...[ read more ]

Therapist Spotlight: Daniel Kazadi, Graduate Clinical Intern

What inspired you to become a counselor? Helping people has always been fulfilling for me, I feel more alive when I help other people. Coming from a separated family, I completely ignored how impactful past experiences have been on me. Growing up in Africa, which is a place where counseling is not really talked about, I had to deal with...[ read more ]

Laughter as Therapy

When I first heard about my friend Hanna’s cancer diagnosis, I remember the shock and devastation I felt. I started considering the fragility of life in general, and the possibility of her passing before her time. Throughout her journey and battle with cancer, she continually maintained her dark sense of humor, which allowed for sharing moments of laughter together even...[ read more ]

Therapist Spotlight: Katie Chamberlain, MA, LPC

What inspired you to become a counselor? I grew up in a family with a myriad of mental health issues. I also had several friends disclose stories of their trauma to me throughout my middle school to college years. These types of experiences combined with other interests (if I’m being honest, I’m referring to tv dramas like Criminal Minds), raised...[ read more ]

Yoga + Therapy: What’s all the hype about?

You don’t have to go far to have an encounter with yoga. It’s pretty common to hear someone, somewhere talking about it, or even better, doing it. It could be your coworker sharing how they want to get out of work early enough to catch the train and attend their preferred, favorite yoga class. It might be the pop-up advertisement...[ read more ]

Therapist Spotlight: Teresa Hwangbo, Graduate Clinical Intern

What inspired you to become a counselor? Growing up in an intact, Christian home doesn’t guarantee one is free from challenges or relationship stress. I became aware of the pain of unhealed wounds from unresolved past trauma, including those that stem from my family of origin. Thus, I’ve always been drawn to people’s stories. Stories bring insight into their inner...[ read more ]

Breathe, Move, Be: Learning about the Mind-Body Connection

Take a breath. Really do it…don’t just read these words. Take a nice, full, and deep breath. Give yourself this moment to breathe. Wherever you are as you read this post, bring your attention to your body. What do you notice? Perhaps your breath is short and rapid right now. Does that surprise you or do you feel as though...[ read more ]

Nobody Likes Me and other Stories We Tell Ourselves

Humans are meaning-making beings, and we are wired to tell stories. This is a beautiful thing in so many ways, and sometimes this is how we get stuck: we mistake our interpreted meaning or “story” for reality. It happens often in work, in relationships, and in day-to-day encounters. It is inevitable. The problem arises when we are unaware of the...[ read more ]

Finding Freedom from Perfectionism and Shame

What does it feel like when you make a mistake? Do you laugh it off, knowing you’re human and mistakes are common to all of us? Do you see it as an opportunity, finding ways to learn and grow from it? Or, do you feel anxious, panicky, and self-critical, feeling sure that others are judging you too? If you tend...[ read more ]

The Gut-Brain Connection: Nutrition is Medicine

What if someone told you that your kitchen has the potential to be a medicine cabinet?  That within the confines of your pantry and refrigerator are items that provide not just for your physical nourishment but also for your mental well-being?  The fascinating complexity of the gut-brain connection, and its impact on mental health, is progressively being discovered through research. ...[ read more ]

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