When You Contact Us for the First Time

By Online Contact Form or Email

You can reach us by completing either of our online contact forms found here: Contact & Location or Appointment Request.

If you prefer corresponding via email, you can reach our Intake Coordinator at info@springtreecounseling.com.

Please include the following information in your message, as well as any other questions/comments you may have:

  • In general terms, why are you seeking counseling? (We want you to have a therapist who is an expert in your area of concern.)
  • In choosing a therapist, do you have a gender preference? (You may know that you want a male or female therapist; but if this is not an issue, that gives you more options.)
  • Which location would you prefer? (See Contact & Location.) Or would you prefer Teletherapy?
  • Are there limitations as to when you can schedule an appointment?
  • Are you planning to use a health insurance benefit? If so, please be prepared to provide the information found on your insurance card.*
  • Are there any special needs related to language, culture and/or building accessibility? A Spanish-speaking therapist is available and both of our offices are handicap accessible.

If you are using an insurance benefit, we strongly recommend that you talk with your insurance company and/or your employer prior to your first appointment to gain a full understanding of your benefits. You can use the following document to help gather the relevant information: Client’s Guide to Verifying Insurance. (See also Insurance Considerations.)

Our office staff aims to give you the best estimation of your out-of-pocket costs. We do our best to ensure that there are no surprises, but, in spite of our best efforts, insurance companies occasionally do not handle things the way we expected or sometimes even the way they indicated. If that happens, you remain responsible for your bill, and we will work with you to fulfill your financial obligation.

After you schedule your first appointment, your therapist will send you a link to complete the Intake Forms online. However, if you would prefer to view or complete a paper version of these forms, you can download the links on our Client Forms page. These can also be provided to you at your first appointment.

By Phone

You can call Spring Tree by dialing 847-492-1938.  When you call our office for the first time, follow the prompts for “First Time Callers” to leave a voicemail. Please leave your name, telephone number, and suggestions for good times to reach you. Our Intake Coordinator will return your call as soon as possible. Once they connect with you over the phone, they will review the above questions and information in order to help you get set-up with an available therapist that best fits your preferences and requests.

Got Questions?
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Please limit information provided to contact information only as this form is not deemed secure. You acknowledge and accept the risks of this communication. When you set up a session with one of our counselors, we will connect you to our secure and HIPAA compliant portal for entering confidential and Personal Health Information.

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