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Therapist Spotlight: Carly Nevarez, MA, LMFT

What inspired you to become a counselor? 

I had a job in college that was in the same office suite as the counseling center on campus. During lunch breaks, the therapists and I would often chat about our lives, trading stories back and forth. My eyes would light up whenever they talked about what they learned in school or traded ideas about which theoretical framework they liked best. I started applying some of the things they talked about to my own life and experienced firsthand just how powerful the therapeutic process can be. The rest was history.  

What is something you would like new clients to know about beginning the counseling process?

That this space is where shame dies. I often see clients come in thinking they need to say the right answers or represent themselves in the best light when it’s the opposite that creates change. When we build a space that is honest, authentic, and comfortable with the tough things then shame no longer has a voice. 

How would you describe your style or approach in counseling?

I believe that change occurs when our negative identity statements have less influence and we have true freedom over our choices. When we break the chains of our narratives we can begin to see things differently. We can make the push towards connection and reassure ourselves that we are safe to be vulnerable. It is in this work that I see clients grow into a life free of shame and fear. 

What self-care practices do you enjoy doing most?

Traveling is a big one for me. Or I should say, the gathering of new experiences. When we immerse ourselves in a world outside our own the weight of our own life begins to lighten. We are simultaneously made smaller and yet more valuable. We find peace in our powerlessness and inspiration for our selflessness. 

How do I schedule an appointment with Carly?

To schedule an appointment with Carly, contact us here or email her directly at If you would like to learn more about Carly, you can also check out her biography here.

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