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Therapist Spotlight: Angela Heier, Graduate Clinical Intern

What inspired you to become a counselor?

As a young child, I recall noticing the pain in the world around me and desiring to be a part of bringing healing to that pain.  In my early young adult years, this desire became even more pronounced through seeing the emotional pain of the many street children in the region of the world where I was living.  This was what inspired me to begin the journey towards becoming a counselor during my undergraduate study.  At that time, however, for various reasons, I ended up transferring into a different career path.  It was about a decade later, as I was working with a parachurch organization overseas, that I once again took note of the need for counseling.  At the time, I was in counseling myself and noticing how it was bringing healing in my own life – including having a positive effect on the way I viewed myself, others, and God.   Once again, I was inspired to become a counselor and am excited to be able to journey with others in their own emotional healing.

What is something you would like new clients to know about beginning the counseling process?

Beginning the counseling process is a huge first step towards healing that can take a lot of courage.  Counseling is a space that is for you, the client.  It is a safe place for you to show up as you are, process your emotions, share your story and be heard.

How would you describe your style or approach in counseling?

While I tend to approach counseling through a psychodynamic and family systems lens, I firmly believe that every person is unique. As such, the counseling style and approach taken is a collaborative process that finds the best fit for the needs of the client.

What self-care practices do you enjoy doing most?

Walking is one of my most regular self-care practices and one that I most enjoy when it involves forests, nature preserves or being near a body of water. Reading books, exploring somewhere new, listening to instrumental music, baking, and chatting with friends and family also help to rejuvenate me. Finally, spending time with my nephews and niece, when I am able to visit them, is one of my most life-giving past-times, filling my heart with great joy.

How do I schedule an appointment with Angela?

To schedule an appointment with Angela contact us here or email her directly at

If you would like to learn more about Angela, you can also check out her biography here.


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