Melody Charles-Van Der Werff Q&A

Have you seen anxiety and stress change for clients over the course of this unique time?

Certainly. Stress and anxiety together have proven both a constant and variable force for most people throughout the past year and a half characterized by the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic, alternately impacted by the hope of emergence from Covid and its restrictions and constraints, and then reentry yet again into acute “mitigation mode”. And this is to say nothing of the collateral losses and traumas sustained in many of our lives as a result. The human heart, mind and psyche have indeed had their fair share to contend with…and then some. That said, a hopeful refrain I find many beginning anew to express is a willful curiosity around redemptive value or meaning. Could beautiful, good and worthy things truly emerge out of a landscape of destruction, struggle and pain? Thankfully at the heart of long-studied human resilience lies the answer, reflected throughout history and throughout many of our own lives as well: a resounding yes! This perhaps is how we hold to hope, dare even to hope, and perhaps even simply acknowledge hope, one of the central greatest psychological tools in finding new meaning and building resilience to prolonged stress.


Melody Charles-Van Der Werff, MA, LCPC

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