Carly Nevarez, Office and Billing Manager

Carly holds almost ten years of administrative experience, working in both academic and clinical settings. She is trained in billing, insurance verification and customer service. Carly earned a bachelor’s in theology from Moody Bible Institute and a master’s in marriage and family therapy from Wheaton College. With her combined administrative experience and education, Carly seeks to provide clients with quality service and expertise to support each individual and their administrative needs.

I started seeing firsthand the power of therapy services in college as a student administrator for our on-campus therapy center. It was then that I knew I wanted to partner with therapists and work behind the scenes to support their work. My goal is to lessen the hurdle that billing and insurance claims can sometimes be, therefore allowing clients and therapists to come together and begin their work toward health and hope. 

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1007 Church St, Suite 302,
Evanston, IL 60201