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Seminars & Workshops

Seminars and workshops can be offered at your church, workplace or community event. We would certainly be open to speaking on other therapeutically minded topics. Please contact us for more information or to schedule.

Boundaries: Learning the art of Healthy Relationships
This is a two-hour seminar that covers the basics of boundaries in relationships. During this time you will learn how to identify areas where you might need to put boundaries in place and the practical steps of how to begin living out what you learn. We discuss setting limits with your time, emotional and physical energy as well as learning practical ways to take care of yourself on a daily basis.

Stress and You: How to Find a Healthy Balance
in a High Stress World

In this seminar you will learn the harmful effects of stress on our bodies, minds and spirits, how to detect stress and its warning signs and how to begin walking toward recovery from the harmful effects stress leaves on our lives. We briefly cover how depression and stress are related and how to begin setting boundaries related to minimizing stress in our daily lives.

Self-Care - When the Work is Never Done
Learning to stop and rest in spite of needing or being needed to do more is not an easy task. This seminar introduces the participant to the idea that your "self" is good and taking care of it can be very worthwhile.

Teen Addiction
Substance use in teens, though decreasing in the traditional alcohol and marijuana use, continues to be problematic. This seminar addresses some key topics including parenting issues that influence teen choices about use, abuse, and dependence on substances including food, video/internet, drugs, and sex.

Family of Origin and Creating Healthy Families
A two-part series looking at the juncture of past significant relationships with current problems. Some general ideas about the healing of historical problems and developing supportive relationships while looking into past hurts are given.

Male Defense Mechanisms
Face it. Men and women are different. This seminar focuses on specific issues relevant to today's men, like: anger, sexual dependence, internet pornography, substance use, and avoidance.

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