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Therapy groups provide a supportive and dynamic environment in which to apply and test lessons learned in individual therapy and in life.

Men's Groups
In a men's group the goal is to foster a sense of safety while challenging participants to be focused and intentional in the course of everyday life. It is a place to experience safe and supportive community while allowing other men the opportunity to get to know the real you. But can men work well in groups? You bet they can.

Women's Groups
Connecting with other women, learning from one another, and challenging each other towards growth are just some of the benefits women's groups provide. These are safe settings in which to be known and to practice new skills for life. While some groups may have a specific focus or run for a limited time, others may be more open-ended, allowing for the needs of group members to shape the content of the group. Groups for women touch on many of our common concerns such as low self-esteem, difficulty with setting boundaries, having healthy relationships, and struggles with food and body image. By listening to and supporting one another, we realize we are not alone and we gain courage to make changes in our own lives

Combined Groups
Men and women offer different relational dynamics and patterns of looking at the world. A combined group is a chance to develop supportive relationships with peers and therapists of both genders while growing relationally.

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